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Video Conference Links:

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Mon: Our Physics Room:

Wed: Our Brainstorm Meeting Place:

Fri: Our Happy Hour Room:

SmallSats MeetUp: (via Zoom)

Sat: DigitalSats DR: (via Zoom)

Mail Lists

ACM-OC: Click here to join OC ACM Members & Friends announcements of interest:

OC-Friends: Click here to join announcements of interest to Friends of STEM in Orange County:

SatSW: Click here to join Open Source Spacecraft & Satellite Simulation Software Developers:

My Websites:

Aerospace/Astrodynamics Related:

NASA GMAT Source and Binaries:

DigitalSats GitHub 6Dof Home:

DigitalSats GitHub 6Dof WIki:

DigitalSats Trac Project Management Site:

Astrodynamics Recommended Refresher Courses:

Umbrella organization: American Institute for Research in Science and Technology, llc (AIRST)

Our @DigitalSats Twitter Site

Landing Page via Wix: =>


Miscellaneous Legacy Websites

Software Development Business

Click here for The American Institute for Research in Science and Technology:

Click here for Digital Astronautics:

Click here for Digital ChoreoGraphics Business:

Click here for News about the New Space Industry:

My Library Catalogs

Click here for my Scientific Library catalog at Librarything/catalog/softcafe

Click here for my Science Fiction Library catalog at Librarything/catalog/SciFi

Sports & Hobbies

Click here to learn about Flying in Southern California:

Click here for GameSIG On Facebook:

Click here for the IEEE GameSIG Showcase site:

Click here for the GameSIG Showcase FaceBook site:


Click here for educational videos about Aerodynamics, Physics, and Lie Groups
from Stanford, MIT, Perimeter Institute, IIT, and UCI:

Click here for Physics & Education:

Click here to learn about Lie Groups and Lie Algebras:

Scientific Visualization

Click here for my university website about Visualizing Special Relativity and Extra Dimensions:

Click here to learn about Special Relativity & Visualization:

Click here to explore another Dimension:

WordPress & Other Test Sites

Test WordPress AIRST Site via GoDaddy.

Test WordPress DigitalSats Site via GoDaddy.

Test WordPress DigitalSats Site via WordPress w/ Ads.

Test WordPress SmallSats Site via WordPress w/ Ads.

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