Under construction: list of vendors not yet fully populated.

Company NameVendor URL  CC  Products or Services
Advanced Circuits  http://www.4pcb.com  us PCB Manufacture & Assembly
Aerojet Rocketdyne http://www.rocket.com  us Space & Launch Systems
Astronautical Development http://www.astrodev.com  us PQ UHF/VHF & S-Band Radios
Beningo Engineering http://www.beningo.com  us Engineering design & training
Berlin Space Technologies (BST) http://www.berlin-space-tech.com  de CS & Bus components
Blue Canyon Technologies (BCT) http://www.bluecanyontech.com  us CS & Bus components
Clyde Space http://www.clyde-space.com  uk CS Power & other systems
Freetronics http://www.freetronics.com  au Arduino Compatible Kits
GAUSS http://www.gaussteam.com  it CS Design, Manufacture & Launch
GOM Space http://www.gomspace.com  dk CS Systems & Components
Honeybee Robotics http://www.honeybeerobotics.com  us SmallSat & Exploration Systems
Innosat http://www.innosat.com  in Aluminium Smelters
Innovative Solutions (ISIS) http://www.isispace.nl  nl CS Kits, Subsystems & Ground Stations
Leijenaar Electronics http://www.leijenaarelectronics.nl  nl Ham radio transponder (one man)
Maryland Aerospace http://www.miniadacs.com  us CS ADACS
Masterbond http://www.masterbond.com  us Adhesives, Sealants, Coatings
PocketQube Shop  http://www.pocketqubeshop.com  uk PQ components, launch, & swag
Princeton Satellite Systems http://www.psatellite.com  us CS MATLAB Sims. S/W, & games
Pumpkin http://www.cubesatkit.com  us CS Kits, 3U Bus, Components, CAD models, Dev & Proto Bds
RadioBro   http://radiobro.com  us CS Radio & Antenna
SAC Microtech Group http://www.aacmicrotech.com    
Sensormetrix http://www.sensormetrix.com    
Sequoia Space http://www.sequoiaspace.com    
Shercon http://www.caplugs.com    
Solar MEMS Technologies http://www.solar-MEMS.com/en/    
Space Micro http://www.spacemicro.com    
Spacequest http://www.spacequest.com    
Spectrolab (Boeing) http://www.spectrolab.com    
SSBV Aerospace & Technology http://www.ssbv.com    
Stras Space http://www.stras-space.com  ca PQ Magnetic Torque Rods & Coils
Tethers Unlimited http://www.tethers.com  us CS deorbiters, S/W radios, Solar Arrays,Articulator Gimbal, Propulsion, Robotic Arm.
Tyvak  http://www.tyvak.com    
University of Toronto http://www.utias-AFL.net