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  1. Join SmallSats: http://MeetUp.com/SmallSats

  2. There are many tutorial videos about NASA GMAT (not to be confused with the GMAT admission exam)
      Here is the first of our 4 favorite videos by Science Of Flight, (1/4):
      (Be sure to watch all four, there are more video tutorials below in 4.1 & 4.2)

      Simple Orbit Tutorial for NASA GMAT

  3. Go to the GitLab Wiki:

    1. https://gitlab.com/digitalsats1/GMAT-6-DOF-Simulator/-/wikis/About

  4. For Script Writers and Mission Planners (Python Developers, go to step 5)

    1. Click below to download the GMAT binaries from SourceForge for your OS:


    2. Test install: Run a GMAT Script from Splash Page: (e.g. HohmannTransfer.script). 

    3. Press Video VCR Play Icon to see animation

  5. For Python Developers (Script Writers and Mission Planners can skip step 5):

    1. Download, Install and Run VirtualBox from


    2. Download the 4GB OVA file from (this could take an hour):


    3. Go to VirtualBox => File => Import Appliance and
      load the 4GB DigitalSats OVA file. This OVA file contains Ubuntu 20.04, all the GMAT C++ source code, required libraries, and Python 3 (this could also take an hour).

    4. Click on the Start icon, and you're on your own in the Ubuntu 20.04 GMAT & Python development environment.

  6. In both cases, please RSVP for the next SmallSats Monday meeting on the 2nd Monday of Month at 6:30pm, and join us via Zoom:
      1. Click Zoom link in the right column of the SmallSats RSVP page and join our MeetUp meeting promptly at 6:30pm.

    1. We have more tutorials in the Astronautical Sciences as well as Scripting in GMAT:
      1. Here is a link to NASA's 10 official GMAT Scripting Tutorials

        6/30/2014 GMAT Training by NASA - YouTube

      2. Here we have a family of video tutorials in the Aerospace Sciences as well as Physics and GMAT Scripting
        (from Digital ChoreoGraphics & YouTube):
        1. TelEdutainment: List of Video Lists
        2. Astrodynamics (TelEdutainment)
        3. GMAT Tutorials (TelEdutainment)

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